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RDK is an application that allows health professionals to access the latest knowledge available on rare diseases and expert centers with one primary objective: To reduce the diagnostic errancy of patients.

A unique public-private partnership based on Orphanet's expertise, Tekkare® technology, as we know®'s social commitment and the support of sponsors..


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Advanced search engine

Our tool of exploration by observed signs or symptoms combination allows to direct youto a list of rare diseases and their expert centers.

Results are classified by relevance according to the frequency of occurrence of symptoms.

Hours of research in your pocket.

Sources : Orphanet, HPO

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“Very fluid, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use application. The symptomatic approach of the main menu is very interesting for practitioners [...] The disease data sheets are well constructed.“

Simon M.

Externe en médecine

“RDK meets an essential demand.

Dr. Charles W.

Interne en médecine générale

“Very useful for specialists [...] essential for diagnostic assistance and therefore to better target genetic tests“

Dr. Aymeric L


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Why RDK ?

The benefits

100% free of charge

Whatever your job position or location, our applications are intended to remain 100% free.

Preserve your privacy

No patient or physician data is collected to ensure complete confidentiality.

No registration required

Do not waste time and get started now. No registration or account creation is required.

Help for patient care

Hours of research time are condensed into a few clicks to help you in patient care.

Contact expert centers

Facilitate contact with expert reference centers for the rare disease you seek.

Always on the cutting edge of knowledge

The data is updated monthly to ensure you have the most up-to-date knowledge.


as we know®, le fabricant de RDK, a enregistré RDK auprès de l’ANSM en tant que dispositif médical connecté de classe I, conformément à l’article R5211-65 du Code de la santé publique (Accusé réception de l'ANSM en date du 19 janvier 2023).

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Marquage CE : as we know®, le fabricant de RDK, a effectué la déclaration de conformité de RDK en tant que « software as medical device » (classe I) pour obtenir le marquage CE.

Co-développé par



Technical partner. French enterprise with the goal of sharing medical and scientific knowledge by developing digital ecosystems to enhance health data.


Scientific partner. Created by Inserm, in order to gather available knowledge on rare diseases to improve patients diagnosis, care and treatment.

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What are connected medical devices ?

A connected medical device (CMD) is a device that incorporates digital technologies to collect, analyze and transmit medical data to healthcare professionals. CMDs can take many forms, ranging from wearables like connected watches to sophisticated medical equipment such as scanners or implantable sensors. They offer new benefits for health management, such as early detection of health problems, better management of chronic diseases, and improved quality of life for patients.

What is the average duration of diagnostic errancy for a rare disease ?

The average diagnostic time for a rare disease can be significantly longer than for common diseases. According to a study by Eurordis, a European organization for rare diseases, the average time for diagnosing rare diseases for patients is about five years. However, it is essential to note that the time of diagnostic wandering can vary considerably from patient to patient depending on the complexity of the disease, the availability of appropriate diagnostic tests, access to health care, and other factors. These diseases are often difficult to diagnose due to their rarity and range of symptoms.