Who are we ?

as we know® is a French company with a mission: to make healthcare professionals benefit from the abundance of public data.

We develop the use, sharing, and exchange of freely accessible knowledge. As it exists, as we know® it: 'as we know.' The objective is simple: to facilitate a profession: healthcare.

This observation was born from the development of Tekkare in 2016. Tekkare has democratized the use of ethical data that are public data through the development of the Open Innovation Program platform. The platform makes hundreds of analyses worldwide available, based solely on certified public data. However, this platform has mainly benefited industrialists, who are more apt to finance the development of this ambitious project of gathering public data from all over the world in perpetual evolution.

This is how RDK was born, the first application whose use is solely dedicated to healthcare professionals, and more particularly, the vision of as we know®: to make this data available in an efficient and relevant way in collaboration with healthcare professionals at the service of the patient.

How is as we know® financed ?

Reduce the costs of data acquisition: as we know® uses public data or data from partnerships with scientific institutions that wish to develop its use.

To propose to health actors, who wish to commit themselves to better care for patients, or to sponsor the applications.

What is a mission-driven company?

as we know® is a company with a mission characterized by social or environmental objectives (law pact of May 22, 2019) and is committed to:

  • to respect its purpose and its missions
  • to donate 1% of its turnover to patient associations
  • to appoint a representative for the mission

Main missions

Develop and promote the use of digital tools by healthcare professionals to facilitate their daily work with patients.

Develop accessibility, transparency, and authenticity of data for reuse in the service of patients and healthcare providers.

Facilitate patient care journeys and improve patient management.

Create partnerships with scientific, public health, or patient organizations.